Sustainability Stories

BMW Italia starts “Stories of sustainability”, a “branded content” that tells of the Italian excellences that have sustainability as a fundamental aspect of their business.
A journey through the experiences of Italian companies operating in different sectors, united by a pioneering vision of the future and a rare sensitivity to important issues such as sustainability, the protection of the environment and the planet, the well-being of people.

1•618® The Excellence

This is a true story of people. The history of an Italian company engaged in a “green” approach to its business.
This is the story of 1•618®.

“Beauty, innovation, sustainability.
Designing means putting these words together, means creating beauty by using resources intelligently, avoiding waste, using materials that belong to the territory and that promote insulation. It means relying on renewable energy, like solar panels or LED lighting.

It means building intelligent forms of living, where the open spaces dialogue with the closed ones, where the social and work dimension find common ground. Forms of habitation where the well-being of the individual and the health of nature are no longer expendable.

Can sustainability be good? Can it be innovative? This is the challenge, the goal, the inspiration that guides our actions, our projects. This is the way we want to go”.

Arch. Giansandro Schina | General Manager and Founder