DOT home®


The DOT Home® program is an innovative art and safety project.

An integrated system that transforms the concept of Panic Room into Safe House and subverts the approach.

The DOT Home® program of 1•618® is the safest and most welcoming place of your architecture.

An ecosystem of solutions that makes it unassailable and charming, the environment chosen as a safe shelter.

DOT Home® is the work of author that 1•618®, atelier of the made in Italy, search for you.

Materials and designs are unique.


The program DOT Home® of 1•618® is an environment (or a series of environments) of the house, unassailable and absolutely safe.

Structured with all the technological innovations at the service in the service of those who need to be protected.

Discreet and imperceptible is an impregnable fortress, with a refined and elegant comfort.

Strategic partners, selected suppliers, locks and professionals of the best Italian equipment, guarantee maximum safety to the home and the person.

An architecture that remains bright and fully livable.

The program DOT Home® of 1•618® is a new horizon of complete serenity.


The DOT Home® program of 1•618® is a concentrate of integrated solutions that revolutionize the concept of home security, with advanced technologies.

Cutting-edge technology and innovation that make the security of the place where you exist, simple and natural.

DOT It’s Made in Excellence.