Brand vocation is linked to a universe of values, history and emotions that help to create the image of a brand, more than a product or a service can.

1.618 finds and offers solutions.

At 1.618, quality production and aesthetic appeal have become the driving force of each business choice.

Our company has an ambitious vision that has driven us to focus on the achievement of increasingly new goals, which can be used to convey excellent synergy between architectural creativity, technological innovation and communicative competence.

The need to complement horizons of shape without changing substance, led to the evolution and birth, in 2015, of 1.618, a luxury and technology holding company with a consolidated and prestigious DNA.


The golden ratio that governs the Universe.

Divine proportions, perfect shapes and aesthetic harmony. The golden number with undisputed charm finds wide scope in any discipline and in any challenge that man has faced.


The eternal city where 1.618 is based, provides added value and guarantees genuine “Made in Italy” for export around the globe thanks to ongoing experimentation and know-how.

1.618 was established from the desire to leave an important mark in the field of Italian excellence worldwide. The company is the natural development of deArchitettura.com.

It follows in its wake and continues to develop, driven by a new ambition: to internationalise and make its luxury solutions acknowledged all around the world.

1.618 Roma | Made in Excellence


The most ambitious story, marks its age through the bravery of some choices,
the realization of a vocation, the ability to design, the attention to details
and the sense of belonging to dreams.

The greatness of these values exists in our profession,
creating art and technology,
fusing instinct to think a project with the emotion that we live to see it realized.

We interpret our time through the different disciplines
facing the future just like a challenge full of pitfalls.

Absurd? We desire to broaden our horizons.

We want to continue indefinitely...

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1.618 policy is aimed to optimize work processes and continuous improvement of the internal organization so that all activities are logical with the business to achieve the target.

The entire management system and work process of 1.618 is certified according to UNI ISO 9001: 2008 with SGS in Geneva, the first certification authority in the world for Quality Management Systems.

SGS Certificate


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