In collaboration with international partners, 1.618 has an energy division, with activities in restoring energy efficiency and in the free market of supply.

The company boasts expertise in integrating plant engineering management systems, renewable sources and fully electric vehicles.

Customised solutions for sustainable activities, aimed at reducing consumption.

Free Market

1.618 operates in the free market, offering advantageous economies for the supply of electricity. The contractual conditions are totally customized as not fixed by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (DL n.79 / 99 and subsequent amendments and additions).

With the market liberalization is possible to assess the quality of services and to determine the most interesting and appropriate to the individual's needs.

Power Company

1.618 offers to the companies tailored solutions for the supply of electricity.

The attention to the needs of the user is always the starting point to build a customized offer, by the expression of a high quality service resulting from experience in the field.

Sales and marketing support is handled on the entire national network.

Energy Efficiency

The approach to the analysis of energy efficiency has allowed the development of an innovative business model, that allows to generate economic benefits to the customer, through value-added services.

Our mission is to identify waste and optimize the facilities for a proper consumption of energy, loyalty so the partnership developed with users.

We provide an adequate knowledge of the consumption profile of each reality, in order to focus and quantify the savings opportunities through an energy audit of current conditions.

We present proposals for action to energy efficiency, quantification of the achievable savings and provide an assessment of the viability of the proposed interventions.